by Derek Zuk

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released January 5, 2015

Saxophone on Haha by my big brother Mike
Mastering by Kenny Hamilton
Thanks to my family and friends for providing so much feedback



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Derek Zuk Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Sick
Is it a penny you pinch?
Are you holding onto it?

Is it a bottle of gin?
Are you craving it?
Are you beating yourself up over it over and over again for it?
Are you happening?
Are you praying it comes back again?

I am two
I am three
I am four
I am five
I am sick
I'm sick, I'm sick, I'm sick,
I'm sick of it
Track Name: Hands
Is it eternal regret making me feel sorry for what I am?
Like a statue of a god standing through the wind and the rain
And I can't be mislead, holding onto some nothing someone has said

I can' t keep my hands tied behind my back
I can' t keep my hands tied behind my back
All the things I spoke but I never said
I can' t keep my hands tied behind my back

So here is what you've got
And here is only starting to look like a life
Forgive me for your trust
And take apart my starry eyes, I know you must

'cause I can't keep my hands tied behind my back
I can' t keep my hands tied behind my back
All the things I spoke but I never said
I can' t keep my hands tied behind my back
Track Name: Apology
Is it anyone else's observation that I'm clearing it for the domineering pair?
And I hope you're one of us
Deep down inside your apartment complex
And I know you're one of them
Deep down inside you're mentally complex
Was it anybody else's guess that we got the run-around by the wrong guy?
I apologize
No apologies accepted here

I hope you're one of us deep down inside
Your relationship's complex
And I've got the wrong idea
Do you think that they took what was left and ran away?
Every day is a little bit harder than the last
I apologize for that
No apologies accepted here

You're gonna take it for one more ride
I don't take any pride in compromise
So let's leave it alone this time

Is there anyone who thinks that it's a creators job to be on top of things?
Likely, it's not on me to tell you that you're not good enough
And I know you're one of them deep down inside
Your emotions are complex
You've got a run-around and I've got your photograph and we've got company here
But if you're giving out apologies they're not accepted here
Track Name: Tied On Loose
Here's your chance to own your fight
Like a couple loud mouth guys
I like what I see
Kids break bottles in the street

What's up with your expression?
Like a car caught on fire
And one or two are tough
Like only I could dream up without you

Tied on loose

Go free
So hard you can't remember or want to even see
Unsayable things, if there's anything I wouldn't know
It all runs out
We like to see what happens when it all runs out

Tied on loose

All the friends I tried to make
And all the ones I didn't succeed in
It's just my own observation that it's only what you make of it

Count the people on the river in the thick of it
I'm not alone here I'm just trading cards
Lying down in muddy grass counting plastic stars
With my best friends trying to keep me awake
It's only what you make of it
Track Name: Speak
I've got a dime for every time I heard that
You said you wouldn't keep to yourself
And here you are now, speaking out all the time
Your mind intersecting with their minds
Track Name: Zombies
I never had it quite right but I tried to do the best with what I've got
And I've got just enough to get by alright
I think it's quite like this
You see me
You've got a heartache waiting for a price point

It's like I'm somewhere I don' t know
And there's something chasing me through the snow at night
And there is nothing more relieving than getting home tired and sleeping through the night

I called you one night and you sat there and listened to me rant about stuff that pissed me off at the time and
If I tried to remember what it was I'm sure that I'd come up short
'cause it was just so specific to the time
I'm sure that you understand
I hope you have some plan in your head for me

I caught you running away towards the border of your backyard
And I put you into a box and cradled you in my arms

I feel I don't belong and there's something scraping outside
I feel something's up
Well is there nothing to believe or hold onto?
It's always that I'm chasing something I'll never get
Track Name: World
It doesn't rhyme with the choice I haven't felt inside
I get the sense you've got a heart on your sleeve
And I have no choice, I like your face
You move with the wave of a whole human race

If you ever need to call when you go by, well that's alright
If I'm alone at home I'm keeping promises with you all night
And I feel this world go 'round
and I feel the world go 'round
and I feel the world spin 'round
and it feels like I'm drunk

Why can't I come to my senses?
I hate so many things that I tried so hard to get
Your smile, like you photocopy it
You hold everything so far behind it

If you ever need to tell me that I'm dumb, well that's alright
If there's a place for me I hope I stumble on it before I die
And I feel this world go 'round
and I feel the world go 'round
and I feel the world spin 'round
and it feels like I'm drunk