by Derek Zuk

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released September 2, 2016



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Derek Zuk Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Memory
I am your memory
I am your father
I have no time to waste
I am not keeping to myself
I am the friend you used to see but you don't call her
We used to talk more but I see you've found some other friends
I have no time to waste
I am outside of time
I am a vision on the back of your eyelids

You think you want me back
You don't know what you're asking
You helpless animal, you're bored as brick and mortar
You helpless animal, you're hard as brick and mortar

I have no memories, I just can't bother
You'll have to be specific, it's easy to forget
I haven't change my mind, my mind is empty
Your familiar face evokes a distant muted ring
I am up to the light, I am transparent
You want to bring me color, I want it black and white

You want to change your head
You think me up instead
I'll be your non-compliant in this nightmare your having
You'll be the living body that I will inhabit
Because I can't live in your memory
Because memories aren't real

The nature of perfection
Is it thin air or is there a lesson
Track Name: What We Don't Want to Be
When you realize that you're wrong or something's wrong with you and you've not the courage to admit, well it's doubtful that you're alone with it when you recognize it's time to change

I know what I don't want to be

If you want to start over the consequence of your past actions are never clear
When you decide you're a different person now, no, the slate is never clean
So be grateful that life will hold you to your principles

We know what we don't want to be

And that you have a chance to work to prove that you stand for what you believe in if you ever make a mistake with no one to catch you

So be thankful that you have the strength to work to fix yourself without any help because realizing your busted and taking steps to improve takes courage
So be thankful that you have the strength to work to fix yourself

Because we know what we don't want to be
Track Name: Little Nothing
If I don't succeed will you rest in peace with me
Will you dress in sheets with me
We trained our best superstars to watch on TV
I can't pay you back for favors
But thanks for buying me dinner last Saturday night

I trained so hard and go nowhere
It's easy to lose my pieces when you are so far away

I save my face for the future
I sold my soul for comfort
Do I see too late
No one said to reset the daylight

Hey, that's just me

All you'll be is a little nothing
Track Name: Do or Die
September river blues and stick and poke tattoos
I hope we get where we are going
And the cracked sidewalks that stay warm into the night in the summer
I hope we can stay young here forever

Because we are do or die for all time
And we will wait for each new day
As we keep our heads right
Because we stay up all night and sleep all day

Are there some things we regret
Are we sitting on our hands
I'd like to make something here forever
Are we happy are we free
Are we getting what we need
I'd like to meet you under the ever

Because we are do or die for all time
And we will wait for each new day
As we keep our heads right
Because we stay up all night and dream all day

If I held my breath would you wait for me
Is it too much to stay
Too much not to go
Track Name: Place for Me
I find it's true that it's not only about what we build together that makes this place alright
Something I see is it is nothing to do with the things that we build but the people around us
Well let's meet somewhere in between

I'm ready for your call
Hope you don't mind a broken heart
You make it easy when you tell me "come inside my place and stay awhile"
We'll make it out for whatever it is
You can't quite break me but you make me feel like
Maybe there's a place for me

I'm sad I missed the fall
I changed instead of the leaves
Well I thought I'd stay awhile
We're an hour behind here and I'm feeling like a different person or else a clone of myself
I'll take a good sign for what it is

Could be denial
Yeah I've been feeling sorry
I took a chance and ran with it
Could be denial
But I've been feeling certain that I think there's a place for me here
Track Name: With My Hands in the Mud
With my hands in the mud
Machete faith
I memorize the way through the woods
Animal skull, highway hum, sunfish stream
I scratch the memory of poison ivy

And we were smaller people then, with ideas that bend and break
And we played favorites
Forgiving one another

And there were favorites and nothing was for keeps
If there was anything, whatever you want to be
Because it's too cold to breathe under this water

There can be no crimes committed
While we're on pavement then stay out of our way
And that last time we spoke I got it in my head
Finally in my head
Your friends were poltergeists and mine were tired bears
I had a victory song for making you laugh
Track Name: Go Easy
If there's a place made out of your old jeans I think it would be a pleasure to give my skin to graft our worlds together and there's a chance that we'd go on
I've tied a knot around our leather bodies and drawn a line to the end of time
But I guess there's just one thing left to say
Well won't you let me go easy

And if you take a paper and fold it and cut it out in a heart and open it up
Leave one for me when you're on your way and I'll lay pressure in the palm of your hand
But I guess there's just one thing left to say
Well won't you let me go easy
Track Name: They're onto You
Now you're the only one
They're onto you